GoldieBlox: Fostering Young Engineers

As students at Purdue University, we can all agree on a common theme, we are infamous for engineering! If you have spent time around the engineering mall, or are studying engineering yourself, it is extremely obvious that the male to female ratio is far from even. Being a male dominant field, finding women in engineering is similar to finding a needle in a haystack. Debbie Sterling, CEO of GoldieBlox, has decided to put forth her efforts to change this trend. GoldieBlox is a line of toys made for young girls designed to get their mental gears turning (literally!).
GoldieBlox construction toys allow girls to develop interests in engineering and problem solving at an early age, therefore making it more likely for them to pursue a career path within science, technology, engineering or math fields as they grow older. With a book and characters to follow along with, what’s not to love? Sparking their interest with GoldieBlox will foster more potential and interests for engineering within young women. Being the strong, independent and confident women we are here at the Lala, Sterling is a great role model for future successors and trendsetters. Aiming to break away from the stereotypical “pink aisle”, this movement will allow girls to realize there are no limits on learning. From the words of GoldieBlox, “Be More than Just a Princess”.

Hear from Debbie Sterling herself about what inspired her to create this line of engineering toys for girls:

This article was brought to you by Goodwill of Central Indiana.

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