Get Your Feminist On With These 10 Fashion Essentials

With one of the most influential women in the world running for president, it’s a great time to stand up for feminism. Gender inequality, the wage gap, reproductive rights, and other feminist issues are on our minds everyday. What better way to support change than wear some badass clothing and merch? Let’s smash some patriarchy with these 10 cool looks.



Tank tops such as this are the reason I don’t shoot myself on a daily basis. Send a clear message to transphobics, and buy this at for $20.



‘Nuff said. $29.95 at



This far-out t-shirt clearly speaks to the separation of religion and reproductive rights. $20.


My mother is always accusing me of being a Marxist feminist—as if that’s bad! I don’t know about you, but this shirt makes me really happy. $25.95


Some people like to keep their politics private. Real private. So can you, for $25 at


Um, yes, please! This super cute tote bag is a must for all you sexy ladies that deserve some respect on the streets. $25.


Be honest. Your estrogen shot up when you saw this beautiful choker from Etsy. And it can be yours for $8.


I hope you shock the hell out of your cisgendered peers on campus this fall. $35 here.


These buttons will restore your faith in humanity. Prices vary from $1.80-$2.30 depending on the buttons. A small price for faith, methinks.



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You need this. Bad Feminist is to third-wave feminism what A Vindication of the Rights of Women was for the first wave. Roxanne Gay does not disappoint. Less than $10.


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