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Disposable Cameras Are Officially Cooler Than iPhone Cameras

We take pictures of everything. Selfies, sunsets, coffee– you name it, we’ve captured it.

But what if, in a time where we record every bit of our daily lives, we turned to a tool that takes a step back?  What happened to the days when we had to wind the wheel, pop-up the flash, and push a button ‘til we heard it click? What about dropping off our rolls at a store, getting the film developed, and picking up an envelope of fresh photos a day or two later? Having a whole camera roll on our phones is cool and all, but when we’re actually holding the funny face our best friend made yesterday or the amazing brunch we had last weekend, suddenly that camera roll just doesn’t do it justice. What about when we took a picture, it had to be a really, really special moment? Not 3000k of them.

Disposable cameras bring back that thrill of capturing a special moment as if it’s a gift and not just another day of documentation. Below, 5 reasons why we’re all about the disposable camera this fall.

They’re affordable

Not that anyone buys smartphones for the cameras alone, buuuuut you’ve gotta admit, a $6 camera’s too good to pass up.

You get a copy of the photo

There’s nothing like a tangible photograph to help us reminisce! With disposable cameras, you can hold, display, and love your memories a little easier. Of course, we always have the option to get them printed from our phones, but part of the fun of disposable cameras is that a physical copy is guaranteed.

You have to wait for it to develop

And there’s nothing like a bit of delayed gratification to get us excited. While we tend to gravitate toward processes that hone immediate results, anticipation actually makes us happier! Waiting for our film to be developed gives us something to look forward to; we’re eager about both the end product and the time leading up to its revelation.

You never “click and forget”

Sometimes we take so many images, we forget why we even took them in the first place. When we get lost scrolling through the sea of pictures in our digital albums, everything starts to blur together—in a way, all the memories become one. But when we see a picture hanging on our wall or sitting on our desk, we can’t help but notice it and actually think about the experience, remembering specific details that we forget when our eyes have glazed over and our thumb’s gone on auto-pilot.

You get one chance to take the perfect pic

Disposable cameras force us to be present. Taking a picture on our phone isn’t anything we think twice about, with endless chances to get a great one. We can capture as many moments as we’d like and then delete the ones that didn’t turn out. With a disposable camera, we have no choice but to focus on our subject and really see what’s going on. We have one shot to frame the event. Sure, we can always throw the bad pictures away, but after one click, it’s permanent. Why waste a good opportunity?

By rediscovering this camera, your memories and their hard copies will be forever at your disposal.

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