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Fear Not Beliebers: Justin’s Back With A New Acoustic Jam

I think all our hearts sung with the verse “You smile, I smiiiiiile” after Justin Bieber’s compelling and emotional end to his 2015 VMA performance of “What Do You Mean?” Twitter feeds exploded and group texts awoke all saying the same thing: Bieber is back and better than ever.

Bieber’s been pretty under the radar after so many public slashes at his reputation. From hearts breaking everywhere with the end of Jelena to not being able surf the web without hearing one Bieber mishap or another, we’re happy to hear he seems to be getting back to the normal bump’n’grind.

Just as he got his amazing start, he’s turning to social media as a way to reshine his image. Earlier today he tweeted this optimistic tid bit:

Story checks out because uploaded to YouTube but hours ago is this sweet sweet acoustic version of “What Do You Mean?” If you didn’t melt at the original version, brace yourself.

The perfect addition to any study playlist. Thanks Biebs!

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