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DIY 90s Inspired Patch Denim

90s kids rejoice. Patch denim is back. This is quite possibly the easiest DIY there ever was, and also one of the coolest. Make yourself some badass patch-ified denim.

What you’ll need:

  • denim clothing
  • assorted patches
  • an iron or strong fabric glue

Step 1: Lay out your patches

Before you make anything permanent, lay out your clothing items and play around with your placement of the patches. You can even safety pin them in place and try your clothing on to see how it looks on a body so you don’t get any awkward patch placements.

Experiment with bold looks of lots and lots of patches, or something more subtle and simple.




Step 2: attach your patches

After you decide on the placements you like best, time to attach your patches to your denim. If you ordered iron-on patches, simply follow the directions on the package. If you don’t have access to an iron, a good fabric glue should do the trick – the patches just may not hold up threw the wash so I recommend the ironing technique.

Now go rock your patch-covered creations.

We opted for the bold jeans and an oversized denim jacket with subtle patches under the collar. The jeans pair perfectly with a solid or striped tee, leather jacket, converse, a bold lip and a coconut popsicle.

We love the way the oversized denim jacket looks paired with a flirty skirt, crop top and high top converse. Throw on a choker to make all your 90s-kid dreams come true.

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