5 Easy Tips To Make You A LinkedIn Superstar

Do you spend your time scrolling through Instagram while you wait for coffee, flipping through Facebook during your history class, and adding new contacts on LinkedIn while you walk to class? Ok, maybe you are guilty of the first two but the third? Nope, never. You made your LinkedIn account and immediately abandoned it. Where were the interesting videos? No photos to scroll through. You probably just passed the site off as something you would never actually use. But did you know LinkedIn is actually the third most popular social media site? Yup, that’s right. You’re probably rethinking instantly deleting all of those ‘connect now’ emails LinkedIn sends you right about now. No worries, though, with a few quick updates from our LinkedIn tips you can turn into a total pro.

1.) Update that profile picture

A photo can make you 11 times more likely to get a profile view. You’re good at taking bomb facebook photos, and the perfect insta. This won’t be hard we promise. Swap out that grey silhouette for a professional photo of yourself. Don’t just use any photo of yourself, though. No weirdly cropped photos of you out at a party. No, you don’t have to go to the mall and take one of those awkward posed photos you see in realtor ads. Ask your friend if they can take a quick snap of you in front of a neutral background. A simple background will help keep people from getting distracted by what’s going on behind you.

2.) Quantify why you qualify

Did you help teach art at your local camp? How many kids did you teach? Did you write for your school paper? Weekly, monthly, 5 times a year? These numbers can make a difference in how impressive your job descriptions sound. Show off what you’ve done. Without these numbers, they won’t know that you busted your ass to meet your biweekly deadline. Don’t leave anything up to assumption.

3.) Follow your favorite companies

More and more companies are starting to use LinkedIn in order to post their job openings. Totally the perfect way to find your dream summer internship. It’s also an awesome way to stay up to date on company happenings. It’ll totally impress your interviewer when you mentioned you saw they hired a new COO.

4.) Actually, proofread your profile

You wouldn’t believe how many people make mistakes in their profile. This is a total turn off to potential employers for obvious reasons. You should take writing your summary and job descriptions with the same seriousness and formality as you would when you write your actual resume. Not sure what to write in the description? We got you.

5.) Don’t be afraid to brag a little

The great thing about LinkedIn is that you aren’t limited to one 8”x11” page. You can add more things your resume might not normally have room for. Elaborate on your on-campus job duties, add that you presented your research at a conference, link your latest article or your personal photography portfolio. It’s your time to show off all you’ve done and impress your profile viewers.

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