Fashion Week Obsessed? 7 Accounts With The Best Front Row News

With the first day of New York Fashion Week, today marks the start to nearly a month’s worth of the spring collections we already  know we’ll love. But no matter how much we pine, fantasize, pray or email Anna Winter, the majority of us will be outside of all the fun. For those whose invitations got lost in the mail, alas, we’ll just have to pray over a stack of Vogues for next year’s better luck. And for the fortunate few who are lucky to attend, prepare to be cyber stalked.

Across every platform, here’s who to follow, what to read, where to look and what to search so that we can still see the action from the eyes of the front row.


Vogue Runway

Formerly known as, Vogue Runway is your one-stop-shop for constantly updated fashion week content. Here you can find every designer listed with photographs of each piece and detailed critiques of each collection. Scroll through the archives to see a brand’s evolution, track a trend’s formation or to simply get lost in season after season of impeccable style.



Vanessa Friedman, New York Times Fashion Critic


As one of the most well respected voices in fashion, Vanessa Friedman is sure to be seated at many a show, notepad and pen in hand. From years of studying the industry, her perspective and evaluation illuminates an intellectual voice that stands out from the rest, even in less than 140 characters.


Gigi Hadid, model


Over the past year we’ve seen this face everywhere: runways, ad spreads, billboards, magazine covers and best of all, Snapchat. It’s not everyday you see a supermodel eat pizza or jam out to High School Musical, but when you do, it’s slightly reassuring. Like when picking up an Us Weekly, we’re reminded, “Stars – They’re Just Like Us!”



Jenny Walton, fashion illustrator and stylist


Last season, it was decided that the coolest, new, it-girl job in the industry was the fashion illustrator. Anyone can take a sloppy iPhone pic of the runway, but how many can just doodle it down in a journal? To spice up your feed, give Jenny Walton a follow. Not only is her romantically eccentric style enough of an inspiration, girl knows how to work those markers.



Karlie Kloss, model


In between booking the best fashion labels in the world, taking classes at NYU, starting a coding scholarship for girls and being a crazy boxer/ballerina queen, Karlie Kloss decided to become a YouTuber. With this platform she takes subscribers behind the scenes of magazine cover shoots, backstage at fashion show rehearsals and sometimes even down the catwalk, itself.


Man Repeller

If you’re looking for a little lighter material, check out Man Repeller, “a humorous website for serious fashion.” When a blog’s regular posts include obituaries for never-worn clothes or instructions on how to wear pajamas to a wedding, you know their fashion week content is going to be something special. Lucky for us, MR never disappoints.


Kendall Jenner, model

Kendall Jenner Official App

As another one of the hottest models of the year, Kendall Jenner will definitely be a familiar face on the runway this season. Her app, which covers anything from style to travel to lifestyle, may be an interesting tool for fashion week simply because no one else is doing it yet. In a few years, who knows, maybe this is the new look of fashion journalism.


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