5 Ways To Be More Intentional With Your Girlfriends

Deliberate, purposeful, intended, designful. These are all synonyms to the buzzword we hear so often in our world. These are synonyms to what it means to really be intentional.

There seems to be a stigma with girl best friends for how to show what kind of relationship they have. Some show it by being sarcastic with each other, joking around and poking fun. Some of those best friendships go as far as showing their status by saying hurtful things to each other to show love. Every so often (I’d argue a little too seldomly), we might ask each other how we are doing. But, how often do we push each other to give an answer other than “I’m fine” or “Good, you?”

What if we tweaked that stigma a little bit? What does it look like to be intentional with our girlfriends? To be deliberate, purposeful, intended, and designful (I think this is just a beautiful synonym for intentionality) in our conversations and daily lives with our besties?

Here are five ways to be more intentional with your girlfriends— to push aside the stigma that seems to be a part of having a “real” relationship with our best friends.

1. A regularly scheduled coffee date

Coffee and conversation. My two favorite things in a catchy alliteration. Clear an hour of your crazy week, month, or whatever and settle on a time to meet with you girlfriend over a cup of Joe. Or tea, if you’re into that kind of thing. Purposeful and real conversation often finds its way into this kind of meeting.

2. Sticky notes, index cards, whiteboard shoutouts

A little encouraging note or even a good ol’ motivational New Girl quote can be written on these types of mediums. Jessica Day is one of the most motivating people I know. Leaving your girlfriend a shoutout that you think she’s an amazing human being proves to her that she does mean a great deal to you.

3. Deliberate sharing of their responsibilities, obligations, commitments

Volunteer to show up at her philanthropy event or rally alongside her in a social protest.  Be the friendly face to sit in her audience. This kind of intentionality is so needed in our best friendships. It’s a little thing that goes such a long way.

4. Serve them in some little, loving way

Purchase her favorite Dove chocolates, bring her favorite movie from Redbox, or wash the dishes that’s been piling up in her sink. Enough said. We need to take care of each other. We should give our girlfriends a tiny break from their lives and show them a little love in serving them.

5. Be honest, be vulnerable

She’s your bestie for a reason. You trust her and love her. Don’t hold back with being real. Letting your girlfriend into your life, and giving her a chance to be vulnerable with you, is one of the most loving things that we can do.

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